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Rain Harvesting

Are you wanting cleaner, clearer water for free? Are your water filters getting dirty and clogged up before they should?

There is a solution – Rain Harvesting.

Rain harvesting is obtaining water directly from your roof using a number of pieces of equipment specifically designed to make the process easy.

Gutter / Downpipe Leaf Diverter

The leaf eater has been specifically designed to remove leaves and faecal matter that come off your roof and guttering. They allow water to travel through a mesh sieve yet stop larger particles finishing up as contaminated waste at the bottom of your water tank.

I can install a number of different types of  leaf diverters so let me know your requirements now by calling 021 771 878 or email me about leaf diverters.

First Flush Diverter

A first flush diverter takes the first flow of water from your pipes and roof and removes it ensuring old water and waste is removed prior to entering your tank. Once the initial old water has been diverted the system seals itself and fresh and clean water only goes to your tank. This helps keep your tank water and filtration system more hygienic and helps to maintain water quality and the life of your water filters.

Rain Water Snorkel

Traditionally we have been drinking water from the bottom of our water tanks. The bottom of the water tank is where there is the greatest instance of microbes and poisonous bacteria. A build up of waste products from your gutter in combination with a change in temperature can cause an outbreak of toxins. By taking water from the top portion of your water tank you get the best water quality.

A rain water snorkel is a piece of equipment that is designed to enable water to be taken from the top and adjust to the level of your tank water.

 Water Tank Vacuum

Our water tank vacuum system is specifically designed to automatically vacuum the sediment off the bottom of you water tank. It works from the  area next to the out-take pipe every time the tank level is reached and overflows. I can install a tank vacuum in any type of surface tank you have – plastic, fibreglass or concrete.